duminică, 9 septembrie 2012

Eu..de la A la Z:)

Age: 34
Allergic: la ipocriti
Animal: am avut un motan si un ciobanesc
Actors: Colin Farell, Gerard Butler
Birthday/Birthplace: 02 martie 1978, Brasov
Best Friends: prea putini, din pacate, dar mai bine putini si de calitate
Body Part on opposite sex: ochii
Best Feeling in the world:home
Best weather: primavara sau toamna, cand nu e nici prea cald, nici prea frig
Been in Love:yep
Been on stage? Da, in generala la dansuri:))
Believe in yourself: hope so....
Believe in life on other planets: nu stiu
Believe in miracles: YES.
Believe in magic: ?
Believe in God: YEEEEESSS
Believe in Satan: cred ca exista, dar nu cred in el
Believe in Santa: da ce, am doi ani?
Believe in Ghosts/spirits: da
Believe in Evolution: da

Candy: chocolate
Color: verde, crem,rosu, gri.......cam toate
Cried in school: nu imi aduc aminte
Chocolate/Vanilla: ambele
Chinese/Mexican: italian:)
Cake or pie: ambele
Countries to visit: AUSTRALIA

Day or Night: momentan noaptea, ca e liniste si pace:)
Danced: yeees
Danced in the rain? Nu, dar mi-as dori. 
Danced in the middle of the street: yep

Eggs: le adooor, aricum ar fi, numai nu crude
Eyes: caprui
Everyone has: the choice to choose
Ever failed a class? yep:)

First crush: don't remember, maybe it wasn't a real crush
Full name: Hannelore Gurbet
First thought waking up: thank God i'm alive
Food: pizza, sarmale, ce-i mai greu.....
Fruits: nectarinele, ananasul, fructele de padure

Greatest Fear: to loose someone i realy love
Giver or taker: giver
Gum:chewing gum?
Good luck charms: NOOO

Hair color: nisipiu...se pune?
Height: 1,60  
Happy: yes
How do you want to die: oricum, odata si odata tot se va intampla
Hate: profitorii
In guys/girls
Ochii: mari
Hair Colour: cat mai inchis
Height: inalt peste 1,75
Clothing Style: important e sa fie ingrijit
Characteristics: plin de umor

Ice cream: cu aroma de fistic
Instrument: chitara

Jewerly: inele si cercei

Kids: da, una:)
Keep a journal? Nu

Love: familia, prietenii
Letter: mai am una de la un "fost"...o tin de dragul unei scrisori:) daca as mai primi vreuna m-as bucura enorm, numai ca in era asta noua...nu prea cred ca se va intampla
Love at first sight: da, cred ca da

Milk flavour: daaaaaa
Movie: tot in afara de SF....iaccccc...le urasc
Marriage: da, de 3 ani
McD's or KFC: ambele, dar mai degraba Mc

Number of Piercings: none
Number: what?
Nickname: Hack 

One wish: sa stau la casa mea!!!!

Place you'd like to live: Australiaaaaaa
Pepsi/Coke: bere 

Questionnaires: ce e asta????.

Reason to cry: azi unul, maine altul
Roll your tongue in a circle? hmmm???

Song: lots
Shoe size: 37, 38 depinde 
Slept outside: da
Shower daily? Da
Sing well? yeeesss
Scientist need to invent: pai altfel nu s-ar numi asa:)

Time for bed: intre 12 si 03
Thunderstorms:cateodata imi plac alteori ba, depinde de starea de spirtit din acel moment
Touch your tongue to your nose? nu vai!

Understanding: what?

Vegetable you hate: nu
Vegetable you love: salata iceberg

Weakness: makeup
When you grow up: poate grow old:)
Who makes you laugh the most: fetita mea, a inceput sa lege propozitii.....nani,nani, puiu ianiiii
Worst feeling: sa piezi pe cineva aproape 
Where do we go when we die? fiecare unde alege, depinde cum ti-ai trait viata
Walk with a book on your head? da, cand am fost copil:)

X-Rays: nu ma pasioneaza

Year it is now: 2012

Zoo animal: zebra, imi place enorm de mult
Zodiac sign: peste

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